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Empowering Maritime Journeys Since 1991

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Our Legacy

A Voyage Through Time

Embark on a voyage with Decho, where our storied past navigates alongside cutting-edge innovation. Since casting off in 1991, our journey has been one of pioneering endeavors and unwavering progression, charting a steadfast course through the ever-shifting currents of the maritime industry. It’s a tale marked by foresight, resilience, and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

From our humble beginnings as a local ship chandler, we have expanded our horizons to encompass a full suite of logistics solutions, each service launched with an eye towards future needs and an anchor in reliable service. Every milestone achieved has been a testament to our precision and purpose – from equipping the first local trawlers to servicing the complex operations of global marine enterprises.

The seas we navigate are vast and varied, but our direction remains true, guided by the stars of innovation and the compass of experience. With each successful delivery, every satisfied client, and all challenges met with resolve, Decho has not just met the benchmark for maritime service excellence; we have continually redefined it.

As we look to the horizon, our vision is clear. We are not just part of the maritime industry; we are its steadfast pilots, its innovators, its past, present, and future. We invite you to set sail with Decho, where tradition steers us forward, and innovation propels us ahead. Join us as we continue to explore, expand, and excel — because at Decho, the legacy isn’t just what we leave behind; it’s what we create each day.

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Our Services

Comprehensive Services, Uncompromised Quality

Decho’s spectrum of services stands as a testament to our versatility in the maritime domain. From the meticulous provision of Logistics & Ship Chandler Services to the culinary artistry of Onshore/Offshore Catering, and the comfort-focused Hospitality Management — each service is a promise of quality. Discover the depth of our offerings, each designed to enhance your maritime operations.

Our Approach

Our Approach to Service Tailored and Transformative

Understanding that no two voyages are the same, Decho tailors each service to your specific needs. Our approach is both adaptive and transformative, ensuring that solutions are not just provided but innovated. We don’t just respond to challenges; we anticipate them, setting the stage for services that truly transform.

Our Operation Excellence

Sustained Excellence in Service Delivery

Decho’s name is synonymous with quality. Our list of certifications and industry accolades is long, but our list of satisfied clients and successful ventures is even longer. With every accolade, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering services that not only meet but exceed expectations. Our excellence is not just recognized; it’s experienced.

Our Commitment

Dedicated to Safety, Quality, and the Environment

Commitment at Decho is threefold: to the safety of our people, the quality of our services, and the sanctity of our seas. Our HSQE policies are the compass by which we navigate, ensuring that every action we take upholds the highest global standards. It’s a commitment that’s deep as the oceans and as enduring as the tides.

Our Leadership

Guided by Vision, Driven by Experience

Krit Seetongoon

Advisory Chairman

Kritsanachai Yindeeyom


Soratat Kranlert

Managing Director

Paveena Kanabkaew

Financial Director

Panadda Nadaa Hemtanont

Marketing Manager

Your Trusted Partner at Sea and Beyond

As your partner, Decho pledges to navigate the complexities of maritime logistics with the same care as if steering our own ship. We promise to be the beacon you look to, the anchor you rely on, and the crew you trust. With Decho, your maritime journey is in safe hands.